How I Maintain a Healthy Balance at Work and Home

“Healthy” means different things to different people. For me, being healthy is about being mentally, physically, and spiritually balanced. If my emotions start to creep up, I can tell one of those areas is out of alignment. Here’s what I do to stay balanced. Give Back to the Community

I feel my purpose in life is to help others on their journeys. That’s why I’ve volunteered with United Way for 30 years. I’m a part of Women United, an action group dedicated to helping at-risk children develop the learning skills they need to succeed. I also participate in the annual Graduation Walk, which encourages potential high school dropouts to keep going.

Read a Lot

Reading fuels my curious nature and helps me learn more about the world around me. I don’t see myself as an expert on anything, which encourages me to pick up books on any topic.

Make Time to Relax and Be with Family

Spending quality time with my husband and four children is among my highest priorities. I’m grateful to have them in my life and appreciate the time we have together. Enjoy Farm-Fresh Meals

My family lives on a farm where we grow our own vegetables and fruits year-round. It’s true garden-to-table dining when you’re at our house. My husband also raises pigs and cows, so we get to enjoy fresh meat as well. Practice Yoga

Before work each morning, I’ll do an hour of yoga. This energizes me, helps me get in touch with my breathing, and prepares me for the day ahead.

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